Treat Yourself and Order Through Our Online Seafood Delivery Services Today

Treat Yourself and Order Through Our Online Seafood Delivery Services Today



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Fish, crustaceans, and other shellfish are the perfect food for any occasion. You can cook them for your partner for your date night at home or enjoy them over a hearty lunch with your family. Furthermore, aside from tasting amazing, these ingredients are packed with vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

If you’re looking for a shop where you can buy seafood, then turn to none other than Fresh Fin Gourmet. We are an online specialty store that offers quick and reliable online seafood delivery services across the United States. Rest assured that we source our products from coasts all around the globe where the conditions are ideal for catching Grade A seafood to ensure that you only get the best when buying from us.

What Are the Ways To Cook Seafood? 

There are various ways for you to prepare seafood, including:

Baking in Foil 

This way of cooking is an excellent way to retain flavor and moisture in whole fish. Make sure to use a liquid, such as white wine, lemon juice, or fish stock with a little bit of butter, salt, and pepper before sealing everything in foil. Afterward, place it in an oven for a few minutes (depending on how large your dish is) at 200°C (350°F to 400°F) for a mouthwatering result.


By grilling your seafood, you can get a smokier flavor and a crispy texture that you can’t get using other methods. Prepare your fish, squid, or scallops by spraying its sides with olive or vegetable oil before seasoning it with salt and pepper. You can also marinate your food beforehand in your favorite mix of juice, herbs, spices, and oils. Finally, make sure that your grill is at the proper cooking temperature and your grate is clean to ensure that your seafood won’t stick while it cooks.


Seafood that is poached has a more consistent texture and milder flavor than grilled, broiled, or baked. This moist heat cooking method submerges your shrimp, crab, or fish in flavorful liquid that is kept below boiling point (160°F to 180°F). It is recommended for fillets that are sturdier as well as shellfish that are larger.


This fat-free cooking method helps in conserving the nutritional value of seafood. Unlike poaching or boiling, steaming keeps the flavorful juices of your octopus, fish, or shrimp rather than letting them seep into the surrounding cooking liquid. You also have the option of boosting the flavor of steamed seafood by adding ingredients, such as lemon juice, shallots, fresh herbs, white wine, or onions, in the water as it boils.

What Can You Order Through Online Seafood Delivery Services? 

Here are a few things you can get through Fresh Fin Gourmet’s online seafood delivery services:

Lobster Meat Claws and Knuckles (2lb Bag) 

Priced at $98.98, our lobster meat claws and knuckles have a rich and sweet flavor profile. It is also perfect for people who have a hard time eating crustaceans that are still shelled as we have already removed their outer layers for you.

Wild Shrimp (5lb Box) 

With under 15 pieces per pound, our wild shrimp are full of flavors with a hint of semi-sweet and salty taste to them. Our product is available at $99.88 and can be cooking by boiling, broiling, or frying.

Scallops (1lb) 

Our dry sea scallops have a unique and delicious taste and are available at $35.99. They have a soft-flesh texture and a sweet and delicate flavor profile that are like no other, making them the perfect dish for when you’re craving something a bit fancier.

Scottish Salmon Portion (8oz) 

With a weight of 8oz each, our Scottish salmon portions are priced at $11.98. They are also mild in flavor and have a high fat content. Furthermore, salmon’s unique and delicious taste as well as its buttery texture make it a popular choice of seafood.

Wild Halibut Portions (8oz or 2 pieces) 

Available at $33.98, our wild halibut portions have a mild and sweet taste and are often paired with strong seasonings, such as lemon, basil, pesto, and more. Its thick and firm meat and its large flakes also make it optimal for pan searing or grilling.

Fresh Cod Portion (8oz) 

Our fresh cod portions are available at $12.98. They have a mild flavor profile and have a tender yet firm texture. Since it’s a milder fish, most people use citrus, herbs, or spices when preparing it.

Seafood Sizzle Bundle 

For all those looking for high-quality crustaceans and fresh fish for their next party, our Seafood Sizzle Bundle (priced at $223.19) is perfect for you! It includes:

(1) Raw Wild Headless Shrimp 13/15 Shell On (1lb)
(2) Whole Branzino (1lb)
(1) Wild Tuna Steaks Portion (8oz)
(1) Lobster Tail Portions (8oz)
(1) Scallops (1lb)
(2) Red Snapper (1lb to 2lb)
(2) Scottish Salmon Portion (8oz)

Oh, Crab! Bundle 

If you’re craving crustaceans, then worry not because we have a package that is perfect for you. Our Oh, Crab! Bundle is available at $229.71 and has the following:

(1) Backfin Crab Meat (16oz Can)
(1) Super Lump Crab Meat (16oz Can)
(1) Colossal Crab Meat (16oz Can)
(1) Lobster Meat Claws and Knuckle (2lb Bag)
(1) Paesano Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Seafood can be enjoyed in various ways. Whether you cook your fish, shrimp, or lobster by grilling, poaching, steaming, or baking it in foil, you can be sure that you can create a fantastic dish so long as you follow the recipe step by step and use the freshest ingredients available.

At Fresh Fin Gourmet, we can provide you with a wide range of products, including lobster meat, wild shrimp, scallops, salmon, and more. Order from us today and get free shipping on all purchases over $179.99!

Featured Products

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