The Best Italian Skewers in Town!

If you want to have the absolute best Italian Skewers... well, look no further.
Our award-winning Arrosticini is a specific type of skewer which is made from top-quality Lamb. It's a crowd favorite for any and every occasion! Best grilled and simply topped with Mediterranean Sea Salt -- that's it! The meat is all butchered and skewered by hand into small cubes and placed on a wooden skewer. Between the meat, a small piece of fat is placed to ensure that the Lamb cubes stay tender and bursting with flavor. YUM!
And that's not all, we also have Spiedini (chicken skewers) -- made from top-quality chicken thighs which are carefully butchered and skewered by hand. The Lamb Queens favorite Chicken Spiedini Marinade: Chopped Rosemary, Salt, Black Pepper, Chopped garlic, Crushed Spicy red pepper, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mix this all together and brush on the skewers in the final minutes of grilling.
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