The Benefits of Ordering Products at Fresh Fin Gourmet’s Specialty Store Online

The Benefits of Ordering Products at Fresh Fin Gourmet’s Specialty Store Online



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Are you craving seafood? How about some pasta or a tender steak? Would you like something to eat for dessert? No matter what food you're looking for, Fresh Fin's online specialty store has you covered.

Our online specialty store makes shopping for food easy for everyone. With only a few clicks or taps on your screen, you save yourself from the trouble of going out to buy your meals.

Why You Should Buy From Fresh Fin Gourmet's Specialty Store Online 

Product Quality 

At Fresh Fin Gourmet, we source our products on coasts around the globe, where it is ideal for producing the best Grade A, high-quality seafood. We thoroughly inspect our products before they leave our facility. Once completed, we place our seal of approval on them. In this way, we ensure that our customers will be getting the products in pristine conditions.

Convenience and Efficiency 

Because our specialty store is available online, you don't need to wake up early and go to the market to buy the freshest catch of seafood. All you have to do is go to our website, select the items you want to order, proceed to checkout, and wait for them to be delivered.

We also offer one of the fastest delivery and shipping in the business to ensure that you get your products at their peak freshness. If you want to take advantage of our free shipping offer, we suggest you order products with a total of over $179.99.


Aside from maintaining our products' quality, we ensure that our customers can purchase the products from our online specialty store at their best prices.

We sell all seafood and gourmet products in the online specialty store for under less than $100. We also give discounts on some of our products to help you save up and get the most out of their value.

The Products You Can Purchase From Fresh Fin Gourmet's Specialty Store 

Untenderized Wild Octopus (8-10 lb) 

This is one of Fresh Fin Gourmet's best-selling products. Our untenderized whole wild-caught octopus is a sushi-grade octopus that you can prepare in many ways. You can boil it in water and eat it as it is or mix it in your salad. You can also grill or pan-sear it for an added warm caramelized flavor.

Wagyu Tomahawk Steak (2 lb) 

Have a taste of luxurious meat with our Wagyu Tomahawk Steak. It’s an on-the-bone rib steak cut from the fore rib, leaving the entire rib bone. This steak has a long French-trimmed bone that leaves a fantastic presentation on your dinner plate. Serve with pesto sauce and grilled vegetables for an added flavor.

Oh, Crab! Bundle 

The Oh! Crab bundle is a must-have for crab lovers out there. This bundle includes our tasty and tender crab and lobster meat paired with our award-winning Paesano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Serve this with a side of fresh salad and a glass of chardonnay or riesling for an exquisite food experience.

King Salmon Fillet (8 oz) 

Eat like royalty with our King Salmon Fillet! This well-loved, delicious fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. It has a thick, buttery texture with a rich and fresh flavor. Sear it on a pan with olive oil or grill with fresh vegetables for a quick, heavy meal.

Fresh Pasta Feast Bundle 

Aside from seafood products, Fresh Fin Gourmet takes pride in our Fresh Pasta Feast bundle. It's a collection of traditionally-made pasta that you can make at home for a delicious and hassle-free gourmet dinner. This bundle includes a wide range of gourmet ravioli, gnocchi, and pasta.

Squid Tubes 

Our squid tubes are a must-have for squid lovers out there. These are tenderized, uncooked squid tubes that you can cook in different ways. You can deep-fry them to make calamari, boil them and mix them with your fresh salad, or stuff them with herbs and vegetables and grill until tender.

Paesano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Our Paesano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an all-natural and unfiltered oil grown and pressed in Sicily, Italy. It has a gray and green finish, herbaceous and buttery taste, with some artichokes, almonds, and pepper notes that you can use as your salad dressing or a healthier alternative to your cooking oil.

Super Tasty Seafood Marinade by Octoman 

This delicious seafood marinade has the right balance of acidity and spice with a hint of smoke. You can brush this on meat, vegetables, and seafood before grilling them. You can also use this as a marinade for your meat products. Add lemon to it for a brighter citrus flavor.

Sicilian Paradise Cake 

Aside from our savory and luscious seafood and gourmet items, Fresh Fin Gourmet delivers Italian desserts for our customers with a sweet tooth. Our classic Sicilian cake is a soft, decadent cake that melts in your mouth. It's a traditional, single-layer cake that you can serve with whipped cream for added sweetness.

Setteveli Cioccolate Cake 

Another dessert that you can try from our online specialty store is our Setteveli Cioccolate Cake. This dessert is a must-have for chocolate lovers out there. It's a traditional Italian chocolate cake with alternating layers of soft chocolate sponge, sweet praline crunch, and Bavarian hazelnut cream glazed with rich chocolate.


Ordering food online has been made easier with Fresh Fin Gourmet's specialty store. We aim to provide the finest seafood and gourmet products that everyone can enjoy in the comfort of their homes at cost-effective prices.

Purchase now at our specialty store online and get the best deals!

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