Buying Seafood Through Delivery in New York, USA? Here’s What You Should Know

Buying Seafood Through Delivery in New York, USA? Here’s What You Should Know


The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Buying Seafood Online in New York, USA

Tips In Buying Seafood at Online Stores in New York, USA


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people buy their food, especially in New York. Few restaurants have closed, and some grocery stores have empty shelves because of traditional supply chains breaking down. As a result, many people had to discover or rediscover local food sources.

Although New York City has been slowly opening back up in the wake of the pandemic, some people still opt to avoid visiting grocery stores in fear of overcrowding. They also fear the virus's transmission through food, but the Food and Drug Administration has already assured the public that there's no concrete evidence regarding this.

This is when online delivery services enter the picture. These services help New Yorkers order food without the hassle of going out. As a result, there's no overcrowding in stores. Furthermore, people get to avoid unnecessary social contact with others.

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Buying Seafood Online in New York, USA 

Ordering seafood products online has become higher because people opt to stay at home instead of visiting the market. Due to the sudden shift in consumer buying behaviors, some seafood retailers have switched to selling their products online. They even found the situation improving because they receive more online orders instead of having customers visit their store.

A study made in the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute indicated a 21% growth rate for online seafood delivery from 2014 to 2019. There's even a prediction that the worldwide online shopping market of nearly 19 billion US dollars is estimated to have an annual growth rate of 24.8% from 2021 to 2027.

Tips In Buying Seafood at Online Stores in New York, USA 

Assess The Quality 

You might be wondering how you can inspect the quality of seafood products when you're buying them online. After all, you can't physically smell them or touch their flesh and see if it springs back or not.

One way to assess the product's quality is to ask the shop owner for product pictures before purchasing them. In this way, you can see if the flesh of the shrimps and crabs has discolorations or dark edges. The eyes of the fish should be clear and shiny with red bloodlines on the flesh.

Read The Reviews 

There are many online stores in New York that sells fresh and high-quality seafood. One way to determine if the shop is true to its claims is to read other customers' reviews about them. This approach will help you know if their products are at par with those you usually buy in the local market.

In addition, check the reviews for the customers' comments on the shop's delivery and customer services. If their products are great, but there are numerous complaints regarding the poor services, you better not choose them. There's a high chance that you'll likely experience the same.

Know The Company's Transparency 

Aside from the quality and service of the online store, determine how transparent the shop is to its customers. They should be able to provide you with the necessary information regarding their products. These include how the seafood was caught and where it came from. You can also ask how far it has traveled from the fisherman to the shop.

Transparency is also crucial in labeling seafood products as fresh or frozen. Fresh means that the seafood was not frozen, hence the term 'freshly-caught.' Frozen, on the other hand, refers to the seafood being frozen while it was fresh. Understanding the difference between the two can help you choose where to buy.

Check The Shipping and Return Policies 

The shipping and delivery process is something you should keep in mind when ordering online. It saves you the hassle of constantly wondering when your products will be arriving at your doorstep.

For example, Fresh Fin Gourmet has a shipping policy that all orders must be shipped overnight and delivered the next day by 3:00 pm to ensure freshness. They also emphasize priority overnight shipping and shipping all orders by 9:00 am every Monday to Thursday.

If the products delivered to you are damaged or contaminated, you should inquire about the shop's return policy.

Fresh Fin Gourmet's return policy states that you should contact them directly through their number or email in this kind of situation so they can immediately resolve the problem. They have also noted that their Fresh Fin Guarantee backs all purchases. If the product is not fresh, you will receive a 100% credit for any product that doesn't meet their promised standards.

Understand The Privacy Policy 

The risk of using online services is the fear of your personal information being spread around the Internet. Because of this, you have to check the online store's privacy policy.

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