Providing You With Quality Ingredients Through Our Seafood Delivery Online Services

Providing You With Quality Ingredients Through Our Seafood Delivery Online Services



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The variety of seafood available on the market make it a versatile ingredient that you can easily add to your favorite dish. Mollusks, fish, and crustaceans are all low in fat and cholesterol, making them perfect for anyone who’s watching their diet closely. Additionally, they contain vital nutrients that everyone needs, including omega-3s, iron, protein, and vitamins B and D.

Trust our team at Fresh Fin Gourmet to provide you with the freshest products available through our seafood delivery online services. We have a wide range of products that you can choose from, including tuna, shrimp, crab, squid, scallops, and more. Rest assured that all your purchases will be backed by the Fresh Fin guarantee, meaning if it isn’t fresh, it’s free!

What Dishes Can You Make With Seafood? 

Here is a list of some of the dishes that you can make using seafood as the main ingredient:


This baked, one-dish meal uses an oven to transform simple ingredients into a delicious food item that is more than the sum of its parts. You can make a casserole that contains seafood as well as a mix of vegetables and starch, such as pasta, potatoes, or rice. Aside from this, cooks add other liquids like water, wine, or milk to prevent your dish from drying out as it cooks.


A dish originally from Valencia, paella is made with rice, saffron, vegetables, chicken, and seafood, all served in one pan. It is traditionally cooked over an open fire fueled by orange and pine branches as well as pine cones. As a result, the aromatic smoke infuses the dish and gives paella its distinctive, smoky taste.


Consisting of small pieces of raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed, sushi is a Japanese dish that is best made by hand. Chefs expertly cut small fish and combine this main ingredient with different spices, including ginger root. Additionally, wasabi and soy sauce are commonly used to flavor sushi rolls.

What Can You Order Through Fresh Fin Gourmet’s Seafood Delivery Online Services? 

Fresh Fin Gourmet proudly offers a wide range of ingredients that you can use when making your next seafood dish:

Squid Tubes and Tentacles 

In the United States, squids are often grilled or deep-fried. They have a mild and slightly sweet taste as well as firm and sometimes chewy texture, with meat that readily absorbs the spices it is marinated in. Additionally, you should avoid overcooking squids as they can become tough and rubber-like in these cases.

Untenderized Wild Octopus (8lb to 10lb) 

More tender than squids, octopuses have a similar texture to lobsters when properly prepared. Their flavors largely depend on the spices and herbs you’ll use while cooking it since it has no distinct taste. You can either fry, grill, or boil them.

Sepia or Cuttlefish (200g to 400g) 

The flavor of sepia or cuttlefish is a mix between an octopus and a squid. These marine mollusks are fuller flavored than calamari but are not as rich as octopuses. Furthermore, they have a light egg white and green-melon aroma as well as a soft and tender texture. Some people prefer to eat them raw due to their mild, milky notes and fresh, cream finish. However, you can also have them steamed or deep-fried.

Wild Tuna Steak Portions (8oz)


Tuna is mild and tender with a slightly oily texture. It is meatier than other fishes and has a pungent smell and flavor that truly brings the taste of the ocean to your taste buds. If you haven’t eaten many seafood dishes, it may be wise to eat this particular fish later in your food journey.

King Salmon Fillet (8oz)


If you aren’t a fan of the fishy taste that some seafood has, then you’ll most likely love the taste of salmon. People often describe salmon as mildly flavored meat that has a refreshing and subtle flavor. Although its taste will heavily depend on how it is cooked, salmon is still a favorite protein of various people across the globe.

Yellow Tail or Hamachi (3lb)


Japanese yellow tail or Hamachi has a luscious and buttery texture that some would even term as oily. It has a bold flavor that and often leaves your mouth with a tangy finish. The darker parts of the fillets have a more robust flavor, which is why some ask to have them removed.

Rock the Bottom Bundle


Our Rock the Bottom bundle has the best seafood that is from the bottom parts of the ocean. It includes high-quality, fresh, and delicious crustacean and octopus that you can cook for your next feast with family and friends. This package has the following:

(1) Colossal Crab Meat (16oz Can)
(1) Colossal Crab Meat (16oz Can)
(2) Octopus Carpaccio
(1) Raw Wild Headless Shrimp 13/15 Shell On (1lb)
(1) Backfin Crab Meat (16oz Can)

Seafood Sizzle Bundle 

Celebrate any occasion with your loved ones with grilled seafood! Our Seafood Sizzle Bundle consists of the finest ingredients available in today’s market. You can find the following fish and crustaceans in this package:

(1) Raw Wild Headless Shrimp 13/15 Shell On (1lb)
(2) Whole Branzino (1lb)
(1) Wild Tuna Steaks Portion (8oz)
(1) Lobster Tail Portions (8oz)
(1) Scallops (1lb)
(2) Red Snapper (1lb to 2 Lb)
(2) Scottish Salmon Portion (8oz)


From casseroles to sushi, there are a plethora of dishes that you can create with seafood as the main ingredient. However, the first step in making great-tasting food is acquiring fresh and quality ingredients. At Fresh Fin Gourmet, we offer various kinds of fish, crustaceans, and marine mollusks that you can order.

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