Fresh Octopus: Why You Should Buy Them for Sale Online

Fresh Octopus: Why You Should Buy Them for Sale Online



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Fresh octopus might seem like gourmet food that you can only order at a fancy restaurant. However, you can now have it at the comfort of your home.

At Fresh Fin Gourmet, you can enjoy the exquisite taste of fresh octopus without spending too much.

Why Buy Fresh Octopus for Sale Online 

Easy and Convenient 

Because you're ordering online, it saves you the time and effort of going out early to the market and waiting in line to buy fresh octopus.

Ensured Freshness 

Ordering fresh octopus online ensures that you get high-quality octopus on the day of your request. You can select an exact day for the shop to deliver the product right to your doorstep.

Tips in Buying Fresh Octopus for Sale Online 

Look for Testimonials 

You have to check for a shop's testimonials because you can't check physically for the octopus' quality. Take also into account the reviews regarding their services. After all, purchasing high-quality products should come with excellent customer service.

Compare the Prices 

Aside from the shop's quality products and services, check the prices of their products and compare with others. Buying fresh octopus doesn't have to break the bank. Choose one that is high-quality but is also cost-effective.

How to Store Fresh Octopus Properly Once It Has Been Delivered to Your Home 

Once the fresh octopus has been delivered to your home, you must refrigerate and eat it as soon as possible. Another alternative would be freezing it to preserve it for a much longer time. You may also check the expiration date on the packaging to see how long you can consume the product.

How To Prepare Fresh Octopus for Your Meal

⦁ Remove the packaged octopus from the freezer.
⦁ Remove the octopus from the pack and place it under cold running water.
⦁ Massage the octopus gently to defrost.
⦁ Fill a pot with plenty of water, then boil it.
⦁ Once it has reached the boiling point, immerse the octopus in the water for 2 seconds and lift it out for 5 seconds. Repeat this 3 times.
⦁ Insert the octopus in the pot until the water resumes boiling.
⦁ Reduce the heat and simmer the octopus for 15 to 25 minutes if it weighs 1 kilo. If the weight is 2 kilos, go for 30 to 45 minutes.
⦁ Leave the octopus to sit in the water for a few minutes until tender.
⦁ Remove the octopus from the water and enjoy.

Different Ways of Cooking Fresh Octopus 


After your octopus has been boiled or poached, add them to an oiled pan for about eight minutes per side. You can also pre-slice the tentacles into thinner pieces and cook them for two minutes per side for a perfect finish.


Bring a gallon of water and a cup of white wine vinegar to a boil in a large pot. Simmer for about 10 minutes before dunking the octopus in the liquid 3 times. Add the octopus to the water. Simmer again for about 15 to 20 minutes per pound of octopus. Once tenderized, let the octopus rest and cool slightly.


After pre-cooking the octopus, coat it in olive oil. Dress it with salt and pepper before adding it to a high-temperature grill. After about four to five minutes on a covered grill, flip the octopus once during the cooking time. If it is perfectly browned, it is ready to be served.


Sear the octopus on a pan until golden brown on both sides. Stir in some vegetables and sauce to seal the moisture in the octopus. During this stage, the octopus simmers in the liquid, making it tender and more flavorful. Once done, let it cool for a bit, then serve.


Sprinkle the octopus with a little bit of salt and place it on a foil-covered baking sheet. Cover it with another layer of foil and crimp the edges to contain the octopus inside wholly. Place in a 250-degree oven for up to 2 hours. Once the meat is tender, uncover the octopus and let it cool before serving.

Where to Purchase Fresh Octopus for Sale Online 

At Fresh Fin Gourmet, we offer cost-effective and high-quality fresh octopus products that you can purchase online. Our company is dedicated to providing you with the finest seafood and gourmet products in New York, USA. Our products must get a seal of approval before leaving the facility to ensure excellence and quality.

Untenderized Wild Octopus 

Our untenderized whole wild-caught octopus is a sushi-grade octopus that you can incorporate in various dishes, whether on salads, stews, or stir-fried vegetables.

Raw Octopus Legs 

If you're not keen on cooking a whole octopus, then our raw octopus legs might be your choice. It's a pack of eight raw octopus legs that you can prepare at home as your appetizer or main dish.


Forget the hassle of going out to buy fresh octopus in the market. It is now made easier with Fresh Fin Gourmet's online delivery. We offer fast delivery and shipping of your products to ensure freshness and quality.

Order from us today!

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