Chicken Skewers “Spiedini” Italian Style (26 pieces/28 oz)

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Our award-winning Chicken Skewers are perfect for any occasion. We use only the best quality chicken thighs. Butchered and skewered by hand, a little salt, pepper, and rosemary go a long way. Great for any occasion.

The Lamb Queens favorite Chicken Spiedini Marinade: Chopped Rosemary, Salt, Black Pepper, Chopped garlic, Crushed Spicy red pepper, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mix this all together and brush on the skewers in the final minutes of grilling.

  • Size/Weight: 26 pcs / 28 oz
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     Nutritional Fact Chicken Skewers “Spiedini” Italian Style (26 pieces/28 oz)

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